Our story

The Black Rock City Electronic Art Technical Support team was formed during the 2012 burn when its leader, Canada Dry, came across a project in distress. The project was a set of translucent forms with thousands of embedded addressable LEDs controlled by an iPad, but unfortunately the iPad was overheating. Canada plunged the iPad into a cooler, and it worked (briefly) before the iPad died. It was in the final death flickers of the LEDs that Canada Dry knew he was on to something special, and that winter, after learning that he could order sew-on patches online, the Black Rock City Electronic Art Technical Support team was born.

From those humble beginnings the volunteer group has grown to include a wide variety of technical specialists. Each specialist defines their own field of specialty, and these fields vary greatly, however each specialist is bound by the idea that when an art project is in need they will assist (unless they are doing something else) and they will work with any project even if it falls well outside their field of specialty. Given these constraints, we are surprised to have assisted dozens of projects troubleshoot their difficulties on the playa.

On this website we will compile volunteer information along with a compendium of the knowledge we’ve gained over the past decade of service. We are a very loosly organized group, and you can join our ranks provided you find someone with an extra patch, and can articulate a technical specialty.

Our Members

AllisonThings that run programs
Canada DryLEDs that fade in and out in multiple colors
CandyDriving things deep into the ground
Faulty TowersThings that are about to fall over
Just SteveBouncing ideas off of
Sunny DispositionNaked repairs
TomCarrying fuel

Track one of us down and join us today!